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PROJECT 17 is launched

PROJECT 17 is a whimsical side project for Moonsail Design. The premise is that the designers are actually scientists in a top secret government task force conducting covert design experiments into the effects of touch on humans.┬áThe branding references the aesthetics... Read The Rest →

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New Branding

It's been a long time coming but at last Moonsail Design has had a facelift, with a snazzy new logo, designed by Dominique Falla. The nautical side of things will start to make an appearance, but in the mean time, here's sneak peek at the new hand-crafted script logo.

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Create Awards Shortlist

We are excited to have been shortlisted TWICE in the 2012 QANTAM Create Design Awards. Creative Director Dominique Falla illustrated Brownbook Magazine's logo in pin and string for them last year, and also the Relax & Unwind piece for Square One exhibition held in Brisbane. The awards night will be held in Melbourne in October.

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Dattero date coffee now available

The lovely folks at Dattero have finally released their two ranges of Date Coffee, one in take-home espresso-style and the other filter/plunger. When it’s made as an espresso-style coffee, it’s hard to tell the difference between Dattero and a regular cappuccino,... Read The Rest → ]|[ buy cialis
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